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1. Don’t go to bed without brushing your teeth.

2. Brush properly.

3. Don’t neglect your tongue.

4. Use a fluoride toothpaste.

5. Treat flossing as important as brushing.

6. Don’t let flossing difficulties stop you.

7. Consider mouthwash.

8. Drink more water.

9. Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables.

10. Limit sugary and acidic foods.

11. See your dentist at least twice a year.



What is night guard?

 Night guards are acrylic trays that precisely mold to your teeth, either on the upper or lower arch. The tray is thick and hard and flat.

Who needs to use night guard?

1. Clinching and/or grinding

2. Occusal wear that damages tooth structure

3. Jaw joint inflammation

4. Facial muscle strain

A night guard, when fitted properly, will eliminate the habit of clinching/grinding and prevent the symptoms associated with the habit.  Get health and keep your by stopping the habits that could damage your mouth




Myth: Brushing Harder Cleans Better


Brushing harder is counterproductive. The harder you brush, the more trauma the tooth enamel and gum tissue endure. It can eventually lead to other problems such as gum recession. Brush gently for two minutes, twice daily with a soft-bristled brush.


This video will give a sneak peek to the implant procedure.Enjoy.
This is example of the crown preparation.

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HAYMALATHA A/P RAJAGAM | Reply 18.11.2019 13:22

im afraid to seek a dentist now. a painful lateral incisor which i had done filling about 1 to 2 years. little shaky. read bout root canal treatment.

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30.01 | 12:42

Had my implant done here during d mco.... It's finally done here and it's superb as it looks so natural and I'm super comfortable with it! Thanks doctor!

16.05 | 00:32

I went to the clinic to replace my anterior teeth fillings also my teeth are not aligned previously but the Dr aligned my teeth and did a great job.

04.05 | 13:34

4/5/2020- ke klinik Gigi Dr Karthik untuk cabut gigi.sambil2 sembang dah siap cabut.xterasa sakit pun.layanan yg Naik dan berbaloi. tq Doc and staf

21.11 | 22:24

Visiting from U.S.A. Went in for a cleaning and was totally impressed and satisfied with the competency and care of Dr Karthi and his staff. Definitely be back

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